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Earn rewards by providing Internet Capacity to the world!

INCA – The Internet as intended


Base Layer for DePIN

Project INCA aims to be a base layer for the DePIN community. DePIN projects can run on our decentralized cloud infrastructure, gaining access to a sovereign, decentralized, and reliable storage, network, and compute layer.


Bare metal stateless operating system: lightweight, self-healing, adaptable, efficient, and compatible with almost all hardware.

Web2/Web3 + AI Compatible

Compatible with Web2, Web3 and AI: everything can run on our base layer infrastructure cloud. If it runs on Linux, it runs on the grid!

Mycelium Network

End-to-end encrypted shortest path overlay network system, capable of connecting billions of nodes and compatible with the existing Internet.

Quantum Safe Storage

Quantum Safe Storage revolutionizes data security: it can store data with up to 10x less overhead and data can never be lost or corrupted.

Open-Source and Community-Driven

The grid is open-source and community-driven, with the community being an integral part of the ecosystem. Our code will always be publicly available.

Scalable Without limit

The grid is scalable to the planetary level: from the edge to massive datacenter scale, everyone can be part of the grid.

Founded by Internet Pioneers

Over the years, a handful of companies became major cloud providers and this led to a highly centralized playfield. Today, the cloud market is worth trillions of dollars and is very centralized.

We are cloud experts, and we've worked with the cloud all our lives. We've been here since the start of the cloud industry and we are pioneers of the Internet.

After years of hard work, fueled by desire to build an ecosystem in line with the peer-to-peer spirit of the early Internet days, we've built at ThreeFold a complete and production-ready cloud engine.

Cloud Engine for a New Internet

Our cloud engine is autonomous and self-healing, enabling anyone to provide Internet capacity to the world. Our technology offers quantum-safe storage & network and is accessible to everyone.

We are a community-driven project and we firmly believe that, together, we can create a new Internet where users are the sole owners of their data and where everyone can thrive on the cloud.

Gone are the days where you needed to be a cloud expert with high capital to get into the cloud market. You can now become a cloud service provider and participate in the decentralization of the cloud...
one node at a time!

32.74 PB

In a nutshell

What it means to be a truly
decentralized and autonomous
cloud for everyone

Building on a Proven Technology

The ThreeFold Grid is a robust and production-ready ecosystem.
Learn what makes this technology unique.


No matter who or where you are, you can participate in the ecosystem. Everyone can deliver and use cloud services. Everyone has 100% control over their data and online presence.


The software is capable to run 100% without human involvement or intervention; cloud service providers don't need to be experts. Owning the cloud has never been so accessible.


Thanks to our innovative operating system built on the Linux kernel, Zero-OS, anything Linux can run on the grid. This means that any service or workload can run natively on the grid.

Partnerships weaving a complete ecosystem

Our great partners make the grid what it is:
a community-driven, open-source and decentralized cloud for all.

We are proud of our partners stemming from all sectors of the industry.
Our ecosystem is always expanding and we're always ready for new collaborations!
We would like to present some of our amazing partners.

Earth Wallet

A cutting-edge digital wallet solution designed to empower users with secure and decentralized control over their digital assets. With a focus on accessibility, security, and sustainability, Earth Wallet offers a seamless and user-friendly interface for managing various cryptocurrencies.

Digital Free Zone

The OurWorld Digital FreeZone, established in Zanzibar, is a groundbreaking partnership between ThreeFold and the government of Tanzania. This initiative aims to create a free sovereign digital and economic area, fostering innovation, growth, and prosperity.


Vverse is an innovative platform that aims to create a virtual universe where users can explore, interact, and create in immersive virtual environments. It leverages cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain.


Sikana, a platform dedicated to providing education for all, has delivered over 400 million lessons through free educational videos. This partnership will empower communities worldwide with knowledge and skills, irrespective of their financial or geographical limitations.

Tanzania Sovereign Internet

ThreeFold is proud to announce its partnership with the government of Tanzania to establish a sovereign internet, an unprecedented initiative poised to revolutionize Tanzania's startup ecosystem fostering digital freedom via a collaborative peer-to-peer platform.


Elestio is an innovative platform dedicated to providing cutting-edge decentralized applications (dApps) and services to users worldwide, with a focus on accessibility, security, and user empowerment. Users of the grid can thus access Elestio's services from anywhere in the world.

Get a node
up and running
in no time to earn rewards...

Step 1: Order a node

We propose different nodes to suit your specific situation. From basic generic cloud services to advanced AI workloads, it's all possible on the grid.

Step 2: Connect the node

Setting a node is a no brainer: plug the node to an electric outlet and connect it to the Internet via a cable. That's it! You're hosting the grid!

Step 3: Earn rewards

The node is self-healing and autonomous. It's cruising speed from here on out: users can deploy on your node and you receive rewards.

You're a cloud solution provider!


Frequently Asked Questions

This cloud is meant for everyone and you don't need to be tech-savvy to host INCA nodes. Let's go through some basic questions and answers to demystify it all.

Why is Project INCA necessary?

Demand for cloud and access to compute is more important than ever and safety is everything, we must be quantum ready. The only way to face demand and provide the access needed around the world is to enable anyone to take part in this economy

What does DePIN mean?

DePIN means "Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network". DePINs are peer-to-peer (P2P) networks where individuals contribute physical infrastructure resources like data storage, wireless connectivity, sensors, or even energy grids.

What is the relationship between INCA and the DePIN space?

Most if not all DePIN projects can run on our grid. Once you've set your INCA node, you earn INCA rewards and you can deploy any other environment on top of it.

What do I need to start?

To join the grid and expand the cloud, all you need is to get a node to become your own cloud service provider. There are different nodes for all types of purposes and budgets. Check the Nodes section for more information.

How can I contribute to the grid?

Our technology is ready and has been tested for years in production mode. Now we want to expand and build as many nodes as possible to provide a tangible and concrete alternative to the current cloud giant monopolies.

Is there a limit to the grid?

There is no limit to how the grid can grow: anyone can deploy a node and connect it to the Internet. Matter of fact, we're in a grid expansion phase and the more nodes we deploy the mode resilient and decentralized we become. Feel like hosting your own cloud?

Grow the Internet Capacity with Us!

The grid grows stronger as we build and deploy together. Join the fun!