Project Internet Capacity
is the culmination of years
of work by ThreeFold

INCA is the fourth generation of the ThreeFold Grid. Our technology is rock solid and has been running in production mode for years now on the main network. We wouldn't be here without our amazing community and its members who keep on evolving with us. This project will always have planet and people first in mind.

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Our Values

Digital Sovereignty

We believe in the autonomy of cyberspace. The internet should be free from external control and interference, allowing users to govern their own digital spaces.

Universal Access

Access to the internet is a fundamental right. We strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of location or socioeconomic status, can connect to the digital world.

Privacy and Security

Every user has the right to privacy and security online. We are committed to protecting personal data and ensuring safe digital interactions.

Open Innovation

The internet should be a platform for innovation and creativity. We support open-source projects and collaborative efforts that drive technological advancement.

Free Expression

Freedom of speech is essential in cyberspace. We defend the right to express ideas and opinions without fear of censorship or retribution.


Power should not be concentrated in the hands of a few. We advocate for decentralized networks and systems that distribute control and foster resilience


Transparency builds trust. We promote open governance and clear communication about how digital platforms operate and make decisions.

Community Governance

The internet community should have a say in how cyberspace is managed. We encourage participatory decision-making processes that reflect the diverse voices of users.

Digital Literacy

Empowering users with knowledge is crucial. We support education and resources that help people navigate and utilize the internet effectively and responsibly.

Sustainable Development

The growth of the internet should be sustainable. We are committed to practices that minimize environmental impact and promote long-term digital health.

Mission Statement

We promote the growth of a decentralized cloud network that is community-driven and inclusive. Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations with secure, private, and autonomous access to computing resources. Everyone deserves fair access to the cloud.

A unique combination of technologies provides a resilient and censorship-resistant infrastructure that ensures data integrity, privacy, and seamless hosting of data and applications. We are committed to fostering innovation, enhancing digital sovereignty, and creating a more equitable internet for all.




Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a truly decentralized internet where every user has control over their data and digital interactions. We envision a global network of interconnected servers and nodes, collectively known as the grid, that democratizes access to computing power and storage. This network will be the backbone of a new digital era, characterized by sovereignty, security, privacy and inclusivity.

Through our token, we aim to facilitate a robust and scalable ecosystem that supports the free and open exchange of internet capacity for cloud service providers hosting on the grid and builders and users deploying on it.