Layer 0 for DePIN

Project INCA aims to be a Layer 0 for the DePIN community. DePIN projects can run on our decentralized cloud infrastructure, gaining access to a sovereign, decentralized, and reliable storage, network, and compute layer.


Bare Metal Stateless Operating System: Lightweight, self-healing, adaptable, efficient, and compatible with almost all hardware.

Web2/Web3 + AI Compatible

Compatible with Web2, Web3 and AI: everything can run on our layer 0 infrastructure cloud.

Mycelium Network

End-to-end encrypted shortest path overlay network system, capable of connecting billions of nodes and compatible with the existing Internet. Routing decisions are based on proximity between peers.

Quantum Safe Storage

Quantum Safe Storage can store data with up to 10x less overhead, data can never be lost or corrupted.

Open-Source and Community-Driven

The grid is open-source and community-driven, with the community being an integral part of the ecosystem.

Scalable Without limit

The grid is scalable to the planetary level: from the edge to massive datacenter scale.